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krysta talking to a constituent

In 2006 Krysta Jones started Virginia Leadership Institute/Vote Lead Impact (VLI) after writing her Master’s thesis on the lack of Black congresspeople in Virginia. Since Reconstruction, Virginia had sent only one Black person to Congress, Representative Bobby Scott (D-VA), who represents the 3rd congressional district.

Ms. Jones concluded that in order to increase the number of Black elected officials a number of steps had to be taken. Training  and mentoring opportunities for Black Virginians interested in politics, and providing information through a network of organizations in the Black community that focus on political empowerment, was essential.

krysta talking to a constituent
april ryan vli award recipient

Since 2006 VLI has trained close to 350 people and expanded the mission to include increasing the number Black appointed officials and the number enrolled in leadership development programs.

Krysta decided to take this same concept to other states, and VLI is now Vote Lead Impact, to include future political candidates from across the nation.

VLI has conducted a number of programs and events with the goal of diversifying the voices at the political table, resulting in better public policy for us all.

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